Latte Pro Milk Jug 480 ml. FREE REGULAR POSTAGE


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LATTE PRO Milk Jug with Integrated Thermometer. 480 ml.

Quality stainless steel (grade 304)  Long life and dishwasher safe.

4 sizes available: 480ml, 600ml, 1000ml and 1500ml

Great for home, office or commercial use.  Ergonomic handle.

Coloured silicon grommets supplied for easy identification of milk type in each jug. 3 grommets supplied per jug: 1 Blue for Full Cream,1 Yellow for Skim/Hi Lo Milk and 1 Green for Soy Milk.

Large liquid crystal temperature display. Colour indicator strips which give visual identification for each temperature step making it easy to identify when the target temperature(GREEN) has been reached.

Greatly reduces waste. Safe to use and no cross-contamination that might be possible by using stick thermometers.   Lower OH&S and consumer safety risk. Embedded dishwasher-safe temperature thermometer on two sides.

Easily visible and suitable for both left and right hand users. Hard wearing and durable surface.

Dishwasher Safe.