Coffee Machine Buyers Guide

Consider the details below as to how to select the coffee machine that is right for you:

1. The Size
How large do you need your coffee machine to be? Most people buy an 8 to 12 cups coffee maker although they only make a few cups. They do this so that they can have a machine that is convenient for having guests. However, there is a catch to using brewers that are large. When small batches of coffee are brewed, it won’t be as tasteful as the normal batch for brewing.

For this reason you should consider either getting 1-4 cups coffee machine or one that can brew large batches but which also can brew small batches just as efficiently.

2. The technology
The market for coffee makers is very vast. All types of coffee machines are integrated with the most recent technologies. What type of technology would you want to be featured on your machine? Do you want one of those coffee machines that are entirely programmable? Or do you want a capsule machine? Or perhaps the manual brewing is your preference? Keep your needs in mind. If you don’t have the time to prepare large batches, then automatic brewing is ideal for you.

3. Your budget
What is the amount on your budget? A good automatic coffee machines can be found around AUD $1500. Just check out the ones that are affordable and read reviews to decide if they are a worthy investment. Otherwise you should consider the capsules machine for less than AUD $200. The big difference is in a long term sense, because coffee beans used in the automatic coffee machines are cheaper then coffee capsules .

4. Warranty policy
What kind of warranty is on the machine? Problems may occur such as a programming display that is malfunctioned or a carafe that is leaky. For consumer protection, help from a warranty policy that is good is needed.