La San Marco (1 group) 85 S Semi Auto



With the La San Marco 85-S 1 Group espresso machine, coffee lovers can easily brew cafe-quality beverages at home. In keeping with the heritage of the 85 line, the new 85-S 1 model relies on the same high-end brewing technology. Available in chrome and in five bold colours, including red, black, blue, grey, and beige, the unit makes a handsome addition to any home or workplace kitchen.

A semi-automatic espresso machine, the 85-S 1 is easy enough for the novice home user but reliable enough for high-performance needs. Its robust design makes it ideal for using in office environments, easily producing over 60 cups of espresso and serving groups of 25 or more.

The La San Marco 85-S Semi Automatic Commercial coffee machine is similar to the 85-E but has only one button to start/stop the extraction process.

La San Marco espresso machines with their simplicity and precision performance makes them popular in restaurants and cafes. The S line (or “semi-automatic”) enables users to brew espresso according to the machine’s finely calibrated specifications, or to brew manually. As a result, advanced baristas can achieve perfectly extracted cups of coffee, responding to the flavor profiles of individual coffee blends. For amateurs, the machine is easy to operate, while still producing exceptionally good espresso.

Product Features

  • Oversized nickel-plated copper boiler.
  • Full-size rotor pump.
  • Toggle steam and water control valves.
  • Efficient heat exchange system.
  • Highly accurate cold-water flowmeter.
  • Heavy head diffusers for consistent water distribution.
  • Auto-fill function.
  • External motor pump.

Technical Specifications

  • Brewing units: 1.
  • Boiler capacity: 4.9 L .
  • Power connection: 1450 W.
  • Pump power: 275 W.
  • Weight: 39 kg.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 380 mm x 545 mm x 470 mm.