Morosito Crema D’Oro GOLD Blend Ground 1kg – Coffee Maker Grind



Try our Morosito “CREMA D’ORO GOLD” Blend, perfectly ground for your stove top coffee maker – Free Postage


A blend made up of the most esteemed Arabica and Robusta coffee to give a sweet aroma, round and rich in flavour.

Aromatic mild roast

Versatile blend with layered complexity, Flavour softens but carries relatively intact into three parts milk.

Favoured by latte and espresso drinkers alike.

The art of Morosito roasting coffee beans

The Morosito roaster is trained in the art of blending coffee beans and mixes them in precise percentages that render superb results. Mixed in proper proportion, the green coffee beans of the various kinds drop from the hopper to a roasting drum, fueled by gas or wood. Inside the oven, in an interval lasting 15 to 18 minutes, the beans take on a hue ranging from light to dark brown and transform yet further, losing moisture and doubling in size.

Internally, minuet cavities are formed filled with carbon dioxide, which develops spontaneously and replaces the moisture content of the raw beans. During the rest period immediately after roasting, the surface of the coffee beans acquires an oily layer composed of volatile fragrant molecules, a delicate substance of great value to Morosito coffee beans. The skills and experience of our master roasters control the result of the process and guarantee the enjoyment of a delicious espresso every time.