La San Marco (1 group) 85 Flexa E Traditional Coffee Machine



La San Marco 85-E FLEXA Coffee Machine

La San Marco 85 Flexa E office/domestic coffee machine is a robust, high-end professional coffee machine that can brew high-quality coffee using ground coffee, hard pods, or soft pods. The Flexa E draws on the resilient design of La San Marco’s signature 85 series coffee makers. In addition to the reliable performance associated with the line, the Flexa is designed for maximum versatility. Home brewers with a penchant for high-quality coffee can either use expertly calibrated automatic functions, or adjust extraction to their taste. The option to use pods or ground coffee makes La San Marco 85 Flexa E conveniently flexible for both home and office environments.

Coffee brewed with La San Marco 85 Flexa E machines features a distinctive “crema”, due to the machine’s characteristic brewing process. The unit is available in a full range of bold colors and finishes, including red, blue, beige, grey, black, and chrome.

Using a dual-boiler system, La San Marco 85 Flexa E can simultaneously prepare top-grade espresso style coffee while steaming milk for lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and other classic coffee beverages. The programmable functions ensure just the right amount of coffee for either single-shot or double-shot beverages. For more advanced baristas, the unit also allows you to customize the pre-infusion time, letting you temper the level of extraction of each cup of coffee.

A back flush system makes it easy to clean La San Marco 85 Flexa E units between uses. As a result, users can ensure a clean and unmuddied flavour with each brewing. La San Marco draws on nearly 100 years of designing and manufacturing high-end coffee brewing systems. Their Italian-made products draw on a combination of classic designs and cutting-edge technologies.

Product Features

  • Two stainless steel boilers (for coffee and water/steam).
  • A 5-litre internal tank.
  • Two in-tank water softeners.
  • Electronic temperature regulation.
  • Programmable coffee dosage (one-shot or two-shot).
  • Pre-infuser “P function”.
  • Autofill function available.

Technical Specifications

  • 1 brewing unit.
  • 2/0.45 L boiler capacity.
  • 2000 w power connection.
  • 50 w pump.
  • Weight: 39 kg.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 380 mm x 545 mm x 470 mm.