La Pavoni Cellini Classic



The classic design and renowned Italian craftsmanship of the La Pavoni Cellini Coffee Machine are sure to impress even the most discerning of coffee fans. With a 4kg brass brew group, insulated copper boiler and a stainless steel body, the Cellini is built to deliver the tradition of espresso with modern enhancements. Bring home a legendary name with modern features that will help you make perfect espresso every time.

A Machine Everyone will Enjoy

This 1.8L Transversal Heat-exchanging home espresso machine is made by hand in Italy and is a coffee lovers dream, from the pre-infusion chamber running off the E61 Brew group, to the simple lever activation of the machine and electronic automatic control over the water levels in the reservoir and boiler. This machine is designed for coffee experts and the newbie alike.

Pulling Shots on the La Pavoni Cellini Coffee Machine

The classic E61 group offers a high degree of temperature stability, with built-in pre-infusion, and simple manometer dials for monitoring pressures of steam and brewing on-the-go. Enjoy the single or Double filter baskets to brew rich and delicious espresso, ideal whilst producing creamy crema in seconds and a rapid flow rate. Each of the models is fitted with cool-touch steam wands and hot water taps for ease of brewing.

Cellini Classic Vs. Cellini Evoluzione Coffee Machine

Appreciate the simple pleasures of the Classic Cellini being equipped with a 15bar vibration pump and single brew manometer for brew pressure control. The Cellini Evoluzione packs a punch with twin manometers to check both pump and boiler pressure along with a full commercial rotary pump and the option of direct water connection along with a mechanical grade pressostat completes the technical advanced main characteristics of this Evoluzione.

La Pavoni Cellini Coffee Machine Features:

Highest Quality Italian Made Coffee Machines – Renowned for the best since 1905.

Heat Exchanger Machine – Brew and Steam Milk at the same time with no heat loss.

4kg E61 Brass Group Head – Ideal for reliable extractions and stable temperatures where it matters.

3-way Solenoid Valve – Keeping the puck dry after every coffee for a clean back to back shot.

Stainless Steel Body – Superb finish with AISI 304 Stainless Steel for a durable long lasting machine.

Connect to Mains – With a Braided Hose included in the pack for direct connection to water. (Evoluzione Machine ONLY)

Heated Cup Tray – Using the large boiler to passively keep the cups and ultimately your drink nice and hot.